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  • Camp Mighty: The Words

    (originally published on November 20, 2012)


    I'm pretty sure this post about Camp Mighty is not going to be like any of the other blog posts about Camp Mighty. My fellow Campers have already expressed different experiences -- a few shared their disappointment and others thought it was the best thing that ever happened to them. Here's where I stand. And what I learned:

    • Bloggers have the same way of talking. Like their own language, which involves saying "whaaat???" a lot and acting out conversations while using special voices. And the word "totes." I noticed everyone was doing it and I was all like "whaaaat?"
    • Bloggers have a uniform. Glasses. Stripes. Brights. Signature jewelry piece. Wait. That's my wardrobe. Minus the stripes. Damn horizontal stripes.
    • We're neat. I ordered room service and the man who delivered my tasty grilled steak sandwich told me we were the neatest group that had ever stayed at the Ace. He said every one of us had a super tidy, organized room. Usually, he can barely open the door. I guess we are all neurotic.
    • Groups of women make me uncomfortable. I seem to have completely lost my tolerance for it. And these ladies were super cool. I mean, super cool. Cooler than me. And I still wanted to get away from it as quickly as I could. Next time, I'm bringing my gay boyfriend. He's like my Linus blanket. And he can dance!
    • Even though I can pass for a 30-something, I am not a 30-something. First time I realized there is a difference.
    • This weekend reinforced that I am not a DIYer. As soon as the crafts came out, my throat closed in on itself, my stomach went into knots, and I started to sweat. I hightailed it outside.
    • The West Coast is totally totes different. In an amazing and open way. Most of these ladies knew each other or knew someone who knew someone. Many of them were in on things before they were even things. There's clearly something happening in California that is not happening in Boston. Maybe it's all the open space and sky they have out there.
    • Speaking of, those mountains! Whaaaat? I have to admit they wigged me out. I could not get over them. Pretty sure people got sick of me talking about those mountains.
    • I always end up being the therapist. Someone always bares their soul to me, no matter where I am or what I am doing. To which I have decided to say, "$%@& it, I'm going to the pool."
    • I knocked off two items on my Mother List (#103 wear a crazy wig in public -- not at Halloween and #231 attend Camp Mighty) and added four more (live some place where there are palm trees, get paid to be creative, find a group of like-minded creatives, and make friends with a drag queen -- cause I really, really needed help with my wig, glitter makeup, and false eyelashes!) 
    • I have now been to California only three times and each time I've gone to Palm Springs. That's weird, right? Or a sign of something.
    • My life list is longer than anyone else's life list and I am completely unapologetic about it. 
    • And ... sigh ... I'm not a hipster. The Ace was cool but some of it was also crusty and gross.
    • Camp Mighty was awesome. Mostly because I chose to check my issues at the door. Most people I talked to were open and friendly and interesting. Some less so. But I chalked that up to their nerves or a hangover. Either way, I came back to my life with a little swagger in my step.

    Next up: Camp Mighty: The Images. Because you have to see it, to believe it.