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  • Notes from a Clamshell Path | No. 32

    Welcome to the FINAL! monthly edition of Notes from a Clamshell Path, a journal within my regular blog that I started writing when we moved to Provincetown. 

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading all these years and for following me as I hop around the interwebs! You are welcome to join us over on the newsletter any time! I've made the first few editions public so check it out to see if it's for you. 

    My Favorite Posts from a Decade of Blogging

    Can you believe I started writing Juniper Disco (on Tumblr) nine years ago this month?? Besides drinking fruity cocktails by the pool, writing this blog has been the single extracurricular activity I've maintained the longest and the most consistently in my life. I launched into writing just after I started my new job at the Harvard Art Museums and I NEEDED a creative outlet. Since then, I've made it my own little glitterized, yet cozy pied-à-terre in this crazy world wide web.

    My first post was a list (of course!) of my favorite things about 2010 and included a now questionably inappropriate photo I took of John Waters in his swimsuit at the pool (sorry, the link to my photo is broken as are many of the links in my early posts and I would have taken it down anyway out of respect for Mr. Waters.) It was also a four-parter (see parts two, three, and four.) Since then I've shared a good chunk of my life with all of you. These are some of my favorite posts:

    1. One of the precursors to the Notes format was my weekly "Random No. Whatever" series where I shared at least seven things I discovered that week. I did 53 of those! A few good ones: No. 16 (includes our giant inflatable zebra, Zoey, all decked out for Christmas and a great view from our Boston apartment), No. 24, and No. 43 (includes a photo of my original Juniper Disco Lounge, which was featured on Where Bloggers Blog.)

    2. My I Love Lighting series. Here is the first in the series and the second post, I Love Lighting Deux. I did maybe 10 or so of those.

    3. My chronicle of my first Cape Cod Modern Trust House Tour, back when you snooped around people's actual homes! (Part two is here.)

    4. Some of the earliest posts featured my collections: "The Ticket Box" (which showcases all my ticket stubs ever from my whole life.) // The paper dolls my Nana bought me when I was a kid, especially the fabulous Ali, Dale, Gwen, and Cory! // I saved all those colorful plastic MBTA passes and featured them in a post (The MBTA even gave me a shoutout for that one.)

    5. My excursion to Palm Springs to attend Camp Mighty, the blogger getaway in the desert. "Camp Mighty: The Words," "Camp Mighty: The Images," and "Land of the Lost in Palm Springs" (my excursion through a nearby community filled with mid-century architecture.)

    6. My Brave and Bold series. I recapped the five bravest actions of my life: 1) going to CTY (Geek Camp) for 3 weeks (includes photos of me at 15!) Lady Gaga, Andrew Yang, and Mark Zuckerberg are fellow alums. So there! 2) traveling through Europe at 16 without my parents, 3) moving to Boston, 4) traveling to the Amalfi Coast of Italy by myself to celebrate my 30th, and 5) getting picked up at midnight on Martha's Vineyard to go on a three-day whale watch expedition on a fishing boat.

    7. The raw posts I shared right after the Boston Marathon bombings

    8. "Vacation Diary" -- a journal in list form chronicling the tiny moments of a 15-day vacation I spent in Provincetown in July 2013 (before we moved here.) And another Provincetown vacation post, "Vacation: All I Ever Wanted." 

    9. My first Green Grass Day, the name I gave my Fridays after I went to 80% time at work.

    10. I used to do a Best Of post or two at the end of every year. This "Year in Review: The Photos" from 2013 is really fun!

    11. Every single "The (Super) Mr. Contemplates the World" post, my annual photo journal of my husband on his birthday.

    12. Two posts I wrote just before we moved from Boston to Hingham, "What I'll Miss" and "What I Won't Miss."

    13. "What I Learned at Kripalu." "The one conversation thread that ran throughout the weekend revolved around how starving we all were."

    14. The story of how I got to be part of a famous flamingo show, in "Bahamas: Flamingos!"

    15. One of my best resort features: "Ocho Rios, Jamaica: The Other Side of the Island." (And, really, ALL my Jamaica posts. And the awesome video from our second trip to Playa del Carmen!)

    16. A couple of here's-what's-going-on-in-my-life right now posts: "A Restorative Weekend," "I Was a Slug Over Winter Break," and "Art, Heartworm, Grey-shingled Houses, and Pineapple Drinks."

    17. "A Love Letter to Gay Men." I really should start on part two!

    Extra Credit:

    Action Plan for the Month Ahead:

    Arrivederci and bon voyage, mis amigos! Thank you again for following here for so many years, and remember the journey is not over! I may be back in this space with an update or a highlight reel of what we've been doing over on the newsletter from time to time. Until then, be healthy and happy and, for fuck's sake, vote for Democrats!

    (And one more time, sign up to keep the Juniper Disco vibe going! Newsletter goes out every other Tuesday.)