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  • the mother of all lists (revised and edited October 2015)

    1. learn to make my mom's applesauce
    2. re-visit every lighthouse on the Cape (DONE: 1. Race Point Light)
    3. attend Figawi
    4. stay in a dune shack in the Cape Cod National Seashore
    5. attend the Daffodil Festival on Nantucket
    6. stay overnight at Race Point Light
    7. drive 6A with my mom, stopping where we want in the moment
    8. march in a costume in one of Provincetown's parades
    9. during one summer, visit every art gallery in Provincetown
    10. do the Polar Plunge on New Year's Day in Provincetown Harbor
    11. visit 20 Caribbean islands (DONE: 1. Nassau, Bahamas (2x) 2. Puerto Rico (2x) 3. Jamaica (8x) 4. Dominican Republic (2x) 5. Paradise Island, Bahamas (2x) )
    12. visit all the countries in Central America (DONE: 1. Mexico (3x) )
    13. visit the flamingo colony on Inagua Island, Bahamas
    14. see the pigs swim in the Exumas, Bahamas
    15. visit Harbour Island, Bahamas
    16. walk on the pink sand beaches of Bermuda
    17. drink a mojito in Cuba
    18. celebrate Christmas in a warm place wearing a bathing suit and a Santa hat
    19. eat all the food in Mexico City
    20. celebrate the Day of the Dead in Mexico
    21. see a toucan in Costa Rica
    22. visit Belize
    23. visit Uruguay
    24. stand in front of Picasso's Guernica
    25. eat my way through Spain and Portugal 
    26. see Gaudi's work in Barcelona
    27. visit Sardinia
    28. return to Rome
    29. return to Ireland -- eat all the food in Kinsale and stay at Ballymaloe House again
    30. see the bridges of Prague
    31. visit Croatia
    32. spin the globe/map and go where my finger lands
    33. see the northern lights
    34. visit Nova Scotia
    35. go on a cross-continent train trip (or at least an overnight trip)
    36. sleep in a monastery
    37. go on a cross-country road trip (regional is fine)
    38. visit Fallingwater
    39. attend the Mummers Parade in Philly on New Year's Day
    40. visit Charleston
    41. finally ride Space Mountain
    42. go shelling on Sanibel Island
    43. visit Hemingway's house in Key West
    44. attend Modernism Week in Palm Springs
    45. see spinner dolphins and attend a luau in Hawaii
    46. rent a houseboat
    47. see Lake Tahoe
    48. stay in an A-frame cabin on a lake
    49. attend the Westminster Dog Show
    50. attend the US Open (tennis, that is)
    51. see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in person
    52. eat at Red Rooster in Harlem
    53. visit Mackinac Island
    54. see puffins in Maine
    55. go on a silent retreat
    56. make Basque chicken
    57. have a traditional New England clambake on the beach 
    58. prepare a Feast of Seven Fishes
    59. go blueberry picking
    60. learn to make cocktail garnishes
    61. pickle something (cranberries? daikon radishes?)
    62. go clamming in my own pair of waders
    63. go for a walk in the woods ... by myself
    64. pick beach plums
    65. learn to cook fish myself
    66. learn to shuck an oyster (without injury)
    67. tap a tree for maple syrup
    68. roast chestnuts over an open fire
    69. learn to take better wildlife photos
    70. write enough reviews on TripAdvisor to be a Top Contributor (50 Reviews)
    71. read all of Mary Oliver's poems
    72. organize and preserve our family photos
    73. be conversant in Spanish
    74. knit or weave something
    75. read a Murakami book
    76. learn to paint in watercolor
    77. read 1,000 books (currently at 750/1,000)
    78. see the Whirling Dervishes
    79. finish collecting the mismatched china set for my niece and give it to her when she moves into her first apartment
    80. go whitewater rafting 
    81. try snowshoeing
    82. explore the ocean in a Scubadoo
    83. attempt firewalking
    84. go dogsledding (bonus: yell "mush!")
    85. learn to sail
    86. go tubing down the Pamet River
    87. learn the salsa
    88. play a game of bocce
    89. ride a Vespa
    90. see a blue whale
    91. train a companion or therapy animal
    92. swim with a whale shark
    93. take an animal tracking class
    94. feed a hummingbird by hand
    95. disentangle and properly dispose of 300 balloons from the wrack line on the beach (Stop letting your balloons fly free, people!) (147/300)
    96. save sea turtles on the Cape 
    97. volunteer for a research project addressing marine debris issues
    98. volunteer at a wild animal care facility
    99. see my original $100 loan on Kiva go to 100 people (currently at 48/100)
    100. wear giant angel wings
    101. make friends with a drag queen
    102. get a watsu treatment
    103. get a fish pedicure
    104. build a fire on the beach
    105. learn more about Caribbean history
    106. swim in bioluminescent water
    107. participate in an archeaological dig (satisfying a goal I made in 4th grade)
    108. live on an island, on the beach, and/or some place where there are palm trees
    109. live in a foreign country for at least 3 months
    110. claim "snowbird" as my profession