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  • The Mr. Contemplates the World: 2016

    Today is the Mr.'s birthday! As is our tradition, I share photos I've taken of him (from behind) over the course of the year. What these photos don't show is all he's done for our family and me this very, very difficult year. You'll see him at the stove and at the grill but you won't see just how much time he spent making nourishing broths and meals for my mom when she was having chemo treatments. You'll see him standing on many a beach but you won't see how much of his free time was spent doing stuff around the house this year when my chronic pain kept me from helping. He's one in a million! Love you, honey! Here's to a better year ahead!

    putting the lights on the tree, Provincetown, MA

    Christmas meal prepping, Provincetown, MA

    more meal prepping (with special attention from Stephen and Tipper), Provincetown, MA

    grilling the tenderloin for Christmas dinner on an oddly warm December day, Provincetown, MA

    walking around Clapp's Pond with Stephen, Provincetown, MA

    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    Playa del Carmen, Mexico

    first grilling of the spring, Provincetown, MA

    lobster roll ordering, John's Footlong, Provincetown, MA

    Harbor Lounge, Provincetown, MA

    grilling in his cute lobster shorts, Provincetown, MA

    walking Stephen at Herring Cove, Provincetown, MA

    happy hour cocktailing on the deck at the Red Inn, Provincetown, MA

    sailing on the Hindu, Cape Cod Bay, MA

    bonfiring at Herring Cove, Provincetown, MA

    waiting for the swimmers to arrive at the Swim for Life, Provincetown, MA

    pirating Halloween weekend, pre-Spooky Tea, Provincetown, MA