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  • The Mr. Contemplates the World: 2017

    It's the Mr.'s birthday today! And, as most of you know, I post photos I've taken of him over the year as he gazes out at the world (a thing I've done since we first started dating a lifetime ago.) This year has brought some surprises to our lives and he has been solidly there for all of it. We're opposites in all the ways that are good and totally alike in the ones that matter. While I'm hiding in the back hoping no one annoying talks to me, he's on stage leading the discussion. While I'm cautiously judging whether or not you are a weirdo, he's extending his hand and introducing himself. He's the first one on the dance floor and always game for a costume-themed celebration. He's made me laugh every day that I've known him. Happiest of birthdays, honey! You make this journey around the sun a grand and joyous adventure!

    Hatch House, Cape Cod Modern House Trust, Wellfleet, MA

    Polar Bear Plunge, Provincetown, MA

    cocktails on the porch of the Blackfish pop-up at Local 186, Provincetown, MA

    between Cahoon Hollow and Lecounts Hollow beaches, Wellfleet, MA

    Harbor Hill, Provincetown, MA

    Kugel/Gips House, Cape Cod Modern House Trust, Wellfleet, MA

    Wellfleet, MA

    enjoying one of the first days of the season at the Aqua Bar, Provincetown, MA

    enroute to Jamaica

    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    Montego Bay, Jamaica

    in his natural habitat, Montego Bay, Jamaica

    grilling of cheeses, Provincetown, MA

    Fourth of July weekend at the Provincetown Inn pool

    Hatch House, Cape Cod Modern House Tour, Wellfleet, MA

    checking out our freshly planted salsa garden, Provincetown, MA

    kettle pond, Wellfleet, MA

    Weidlinger Hoouse, Cape Cod Modern House Trust, Wellfleet, MA

    admiring El Galeon, docking in Provincetown Harbor

    Provincetown Carnival Parade

    pontooning in the Provincetown Harbor

    waiting for the Swim for Life to start, Provincetown, MA

    on the deck of the Red Inn, Provincetown, MA

    dropping him off at the Provincetown airport, which we affectionately call "Wings"