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  • Art, Heart Worm, Grey-shingled Houses, and Pineapple Drinks


    So I’ve been rather absent from this space the last few months. Let me explain. Life has gone something like this …

    Put life on hold to prep for the re-opening of the museum. Plan out complicated wardrobe and transportation logistics for 16 opening events in 10 days. Curse moving to Hingham. Take Stephen to vet where he tests positive for heart worm. Freak out. Move to a Cambridge Airbnb for first half of opening events. The Mr. takes Stephen to get chest xrays and he tests positive again. Freak out. Finish out opening events. Collapse. Eat all the food the Mr. makes. Sit on the couch and stare into space. Stephen goes on antibiotics for a month. The Mr. gets awesomest job offer on the Cape. Freak out. Host the in-laws for Thanksgiving and travel to my sister’s for the holiday. Tell my bosses about the move and work out a general plan for work through June. Find a place to live on the Cape in less than a week. Finish Christmas shopping. Pack for the DR. Experience the bumpiest flight ever to Philly. Almost pee my pants. Enjoy 6 days in Punta Cana. Get a tan and forget about everything. Return home and thank my friend JR for watching my boo boo. Finish out work before winter break. Take Stephen to vet for first of three awful heart worm shots. Buy every chew toy ever made. Attempt to keep him still and cry every time I put him in his crate. Decorate for Christmas. Clean apt for guests. Finish wrapping presents. Plan out the holiday cheese board to end all cheese boards. Snuggle Stephen until his pain meds kick in. Start thinking about what to put in storage, what to give away, and what to pack. Freak out. Make a gratitude list.

    Gratitude List

    1. That my husband found a really awesome opportunity that he is going to love.
    2. That that opportunity takes us to the CAPE!
    3. That we somehow found an awesome place to live in Provincetown right around the corner from my mom and N. And that the place has a giant fireplace and deck. AND that it has grey shingles with white trim and a red door and blue hydrangeas and a crushed sea shell driveway. 
    4. That we have the means to manage Stephen’s heart worm treatment and that I have the flexibility to take care of him for the the next 10 weeks of his painful treatment.
    5. That when he’s through it and able to resume activities, he’ll have the beach and a huge dog park to run around in. Plus the dog-friendliest town ever to welcome him back into the world.
    6. That I work for such awesome people that they immediately agreed to creating an even more flexible arrangement for the remainder of my time with them.
    7. That I got to be a part of such a big deal and with super awesome people. And only cried once during the whole thing.
    8. That we were able to take some time away and go to a really warm and sunny place.
    9. That most of my family will be here in a couple days and Stephen will be loved on even more.
    10. That one of my most deeply held dreams is becoming a reality – living every day of every season in my favorite place in the whole world (and that there are only 77 days until we return to my second favorite place, Jamaica!)

    Happy holidays to all of you! May your own little whirlwind of a life be filled with joy, gratitude, furry faces that trust you no matter what, and really awesome pineapple drinks!