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  • From Where I Sit ...


    I’m writing this from a warm armchair in Provincetown – two snuggly dogs curled up nearby, a mug of hot coffee in my hand – watching the blue jays outside my mother’s window. (Those blue jays are so pretty but, boy, are they mean.) I’ve already done several hours of work and I’m feeling pretty content. There’s a snow sky outside. I have nowhere to be today.

    We’re on the precipice of our new life. The Mr. had a great first day at his new job yesterday. Stephen meets his new vet tomorrow. And we officially move at the end of next week.

    I usually do an end of the year post or two listing my favorites followed by a separate “new year, new goals” post. Last year was a tangle of twists and turns and this coming year is filled with just as many changes so I only have it in me to share with you a few thoughts from where I sit today.

    1. It’s best to trust the timing of things – even when it seems like too much or you wonder why this didn’t happen last week when you had time. Somehow it all works out.
    2. The suburbs are not for us. We felt like we were neither here nor there and were just kind of marking time until the next thing. Our almost year in Hingham was much needed as an interim step in our move from the big city to our small, small town on the Cape. See timing above.
    3. Dogs, man. They make your life a million times better. And a million times more complicated. I never expected the worry and anxiety of being a fur mama, nor how happy I feel when he’s curled up in my lap.
    4. I like the quiet. The quiet is my favorite.
    5. The fewer people I interact with, the happier I am. Not a shocking revelation for an introvert, but an important one. I am still a recovering HR professional after all.

    So 2015 … of course I have a giant list of all the things I want to do and there is a Pinterest board to go with it. There will be time enough to share all of that as we really start to build our lives here in Provincetown. For now, I’m only focused on this one theme:

    Keep my eyes on my own paper.

    There is so much noise out there and so many people on the interwebs to compare yourself to – people you’ve never even met who look all pretty and shiny, but could truly be awful or annoying people in real life, like an internet version of blue jays. I’m just going to work on my stuff this year. Maybe you should, too.

    One of the things I’ve been working on for some time now (the idea came to me over two years ago!) is a new space with a new focus to share my thoughts. The new Juniper Disco is almost ready and, quite frankly, I’ll likely switch over before it is truly “ready.” Just like life. Rolling out a new site that coincides with the start of a new life seems right. And, again, see timing above.

    I hope you’ll travel with me to my new site and I’ll let you know when and where that will be. For now, I think I’ll go outside and see if those blue jays dropped any of their feathers – I’ll keep them on my desk as a reminder for this year.