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  • Oh, hello!

    This is the reason I haven’t stopped by here in over a month …


    Stephen Jameson “T-Rex” Mooney joined our family on March 31. Part dachsund, part spaniel. Master snuggler. Expert napper. Kissing bandit. Stealer of hearts – human and canine alike. We’ve been getting used to each other’s routines, quirks, and chew toy preferences. Our boy is quickly ruling our world and making everything about it awesome®. (Check out my Instagram feed since he adopted us).

    We’ve been busy with other things, too:

    • I’ve been mega binge-watching a bunch of shows: The Good Wife (I gave it up at the end of last season. Dumb.), Orphan Black, Orange is the New Black (which I’m not sure I actually like, but I am fascinated by the prison social structure depicted – YIKES!), and I just started rewatching Magnum, PI (love that Higgins!)
    • We bought new furniture for the lanai (my name for our 7 x 4 balcony) and cannot wait for it to be warm enough to have our morning coffee out there every day. (And, more importantly, cocktails there at night.) Stephen loves sitting out there and looking out at the “action” on Wisteria Lane.
    • My cousin posted a link to 100 Happy Days and I decided to give the project a try. My photos are on Instagram and, while I miss a day or three here and there, I am making steady progress towards a daily photo.
    • I think I’ve finally gotten used to going to the Zombie House to drop off the trash. 
    • I read two completely different books that I LOVED and that made me cry, cry, cry! Stronger by Jeff Bauman – his life since the Boston Marathon bombings has been remarkable – and Mary Oliver’s latest poetry collection, Dog Days. She just gets us dog people.
    • I saw Cher. My bestie summed up the experience best on his blog, The Sin Embargo. And I’ll just add: I think she was lipsynching and there were FAR less gays there than I expected. Mostly older drunk women. So confusing! 
    • My niece came to stay with us for school vacation week. She and Stephen became fast friends and she was so helpful taking care of him that week. We got in some girly stuff like shopping (makeup, makeup, and makeup) and getting our nails done.
    • We also went to the Boston Marathon. Up until the night before, I wasn’t planning to go. And as we got closer and closer to Boylston Street, I started to feel nauseous. I was never entirely at ease while we were there but I was SO glad we had a chance to see the happy crowds, the elated (and exhausted) runners, and the human spirit at it’s best. Having my niece there helped me a lot.
    • We booked next year’s Jamaica trip, but guess what?? … we’re going to Ocho Rios instead of Negril! The resort is on a private cove, built into the hills, and has lots of awesome lush tropical foliage. There are only 150 rooms, too, so I’m hoping for some peace and quiet time with the Mr. 
    • We ALSO booked a week in Playa del Carmen at an eco resort! They have MONKEYS – which you are not supposed to touch – but you can bet I’ll be smuggling fruit back and spreading it out on the balcony to lure them near. And, oh, I’ll grab one if I get the chance!
    • Also, I’m totally loving the nautical and bohemian trends lately. Not only can I wear all my lobster gear but I can wear all my resort stuff. So, so happy about this. 
    • The Mr. and I had dinner at the newly opened Bostonia Public House. HIGHLY recommend a try if you are in the area. The lobster roll with avocado and bacon is yummy!
    • I really miss living in Boston. But I also love living near the water, the peace and quiet here, and all the really freaking cute New England-y stuff around the South Shore. The other day I drove past an old converted barn with the door open, a flag flying outside, and a dog on a matching dog cushion sitting upright, perfectly centered in the doorway. Magazine-stuff, people!
    • Our farmer’s market opened this past weekend and it’s right on the beach. I mean, come on!
    • We also ate outside yesterday for the first time this season. Summer, let’s get a move on!! 

    I’m hoping now that we have our routine established (it’s Stephen’s morning nap time right now and he’s on the top of the couch behind me wrapped around my neck), I can find more time to drop in here. I still owe you my Jamaica photos and my video from last fall’s Dominican Republic trip. And I am really excited about summer – more and more boats are appearing here in Cabot Cove, seasonal places are opening, and we have confirmed that Stephen LOVES the beach! (Not sure if he can swim well, though. That T-Rex problem with his short legs and all.) In any case, Ptown, we’re ready for you!