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  • Summer, Don't Go, Don't Go Away


    Oh, hello. Seems I haven’t been here in awhile. I guess most of you have moved on from summer and are eating all things pumpkin, jumping in leaves, and wearing sweaters. Not me. I’m in my usual post-summer full-blown tantrum mode – lots of huffing and puffing, stomping of feet, and bursting into tears. It’s taken me this long to muster up the energy to write this post about the glorious Summer of 2014. So here goes …

    • We went to the Cape A LOT. I spent 54 days with my feet on Cape soil this summer! Yes, ma'am. 54!

    • And I spent a week there in late July. We ate lobster and ice cream, went on our annual whale watch, walked the dogs on the beach, grilled meats and stuff, took a tour of the places Edward Hopper painted on the outer Cape, watched the neighborhood fox climb on cars and slink through the dahlias, drank cocktails by the pool, had our annual family bar hop (with awesome tshirts I designed), went to a drag show. You know, normal vacation stuff.

    • I rescued sea life from 61 balloons I found on the beach. I slogged through the water, climbed dunes, and wrenched the insidious buggers from gross slimy seaweed. (I have a life goal of removing 300 balloons from the beach. Looks like I’ll hit that goal a lot quicker than I thought. PLEASE stop letting your balloons fly free. They kill the animals.)

    • I also started a new collection after picking up so much trash on the beach in the mornings: fishing rope. It’s quite colorful and is safer in my collection jar than in the belly of a sea turtle.

    • I finally finished a book I started way back in October! But other than that, not much reading was done. 

    • Social media kinda annoyed me this summer. Twitter was hit or miss, Facebook was, well, Facebook, and I didn’t want to spend my time pinning pretty pictures to Pinterest because I was outside taking my own pretty pictures. Instagram was my primary creative outlet. I posted 382 instas over the summer so if you really want to see what I did, head over here. (I also finished my 100 Happy Days project, took photos of my summer sandals – 19, a tiny fraction of my summer shoe collection – and started a hashtag for my beloved boo boo’s photos, #Stephenismydog.)
    • Speaking of my dog, Stephen, that cutie is such a special little soul and I love watching how people react to him. He traveled back and forth to the Cape with me all summer and is now a seasoned, salty Cape Codder of a dog. He made friends with everyone he met! He’s quirky, that one. Sometimes he just lays down in the grass when we’re on walks. So I sit down next to him. Mostly he’s just so cute that I have to snuggle him, pinch his cheeks, and make embarrassing babbly noises at him. This summer was really the Summer of Stephen.

    • After feeling I needed a healthy break, I took a two month break from manicures. Did you know I’ve had nail polish on my fingers for, oh, maybe a decade? They really needed to breathe and it took just about two months for them to get back to normal. Wow, right?

    • Most days I wandered around, flitting here, flitting there. Napping. Walking, walking, walking with Stephen. And with Tipper. Napping more. Snacking, snacking, snacking. And snacking again. It was so unstructured that I am really, really glad I have those instagrams to remind me what our days were like. It was as close to a childhood summer as one can get as an adult, I think.

    So perhaps you can see why I am having trouble letting go, switching into this season of shorter, crisper days. I did buy a whole bunch of pumpkin everything and I ordered a snuggly scarf. The fall candle is burning and, yeah, I like it.

    But really the only thing that perked me up was a late breaking decision to go somewhere warm later this fall after all! So excuse me while I go learn the Spanish words of this song & figure out how to tie my new pareo that I bought during one of those awesome end of summer sales. We’ll talk about fall later.