vacation diary

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Fifteen

    (originally published on August 5, 2013)


    Day Fifteen:

    • waking up on my last day of vacation and being kinda ok with it despite having my first work stress dream in two weeks (new goal: never have work stress dreams again.)
    • eating a piece of fresh-baked zucchini bread before heading out for a morning beach walk with Tipper
    • a gorgeous clear-bright-sun-cool-air day
    • sitting on the deck in the morning sunshine sipping my coffee after our walk
    • enjoying toasted fig and fennel bread and black olive bread with delicious tomato jam 
    • fresh juicy peaches
    • having a raucous good time at Drag Brunch, even when Shady Pines put the microphone in front of me and started asking me questions
    • getting up to leave and noticing someone I know from my real life at the table behind me ... and then being amused after realizing he's too drunk to recognize me 
    • spending the afternoon quietly reading on the deck
    • somehow fitting everything in my bags to take back to Boston
    • getting my favorite seat on the boat home and watching the water the entire way
    • seeing some cool lightning strikes on the ocean
    • the rain shower stopping just as I stepped off the boat
    • getting a cab right away
    • a warm greeting by the Mr. and an evening of CPK pizza and salad and Shark Week shows (totally obsessed with megalodon now!)
    • falling asleep immediately in the comfort of our own bed

    And this:
    "Neurologists tell us that there are more potential neuron connectors in your brain than there are atoms in the universe."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Fourteen

    (originally published on August 4, 2013)


    Day Fourteen:

    • eating that crusty fig and fennel bread for breakfast
    • realizing I love a grey windy morning at the beach, surf tossing up waves
    • watching Tipper run and dig at the beach, like a real dog
    • finding little stone cities someone had built in the sand the day before
    • writing another TripAdvisor review -- one review away from my first badge!
    • taking a four hour drive through the backroads of Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet with my mother
    • seeing a new view of Corn Hill Beach in Truro
    • eating fish tacos spritzed with fresh lime juice from the Sunbird food truck in Wellfleet
    • seeing the opreys again at Wellfleet Harbor
    • walking across Uncle Tim's Bridge in Wellfleet and getting some good photos
    • stopping for ice cream (again!) and having peanut butter swirl and coconut almond joy
    • stopping to take a few photos of Days' Cottages
    • being greeted by Tipper as if we were gone for a year
    • another wonderful home-cooked meal with black olive bread from the French bakery
    • the smell of zucchini bread my mom was baking in the oven right before I went to bed

    And this:
    "An ancient Sioux story says that the Creator had enough survival gifts for every animal except humans. So we got only one thing: the capacity to learn."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Thirteen

    (originally published on August 3, 2013)


    Day Thirteen:

    • waking up to rain and thinking, "This is nice."
    • appreciating the slower pace in the town in the morning and being able to drive as slow as I want without anyone beeping
    • marveling again how nice it is to be in a place where you can hear the boats' horns as they back out
    • devouring the fried leftover cornmeal mush my mom made special for me for breakfast -- with maple syrup
    • finishing my Jamaica One Love Bus Tour video (watch it here)
    • eating cheddar dogs for lunch
    • stopping to buy strawberry pineapple jam and red pepper jelly at Briar Lanes Jam Stand in Wellfleet
    • picking up some super crusty french fig and fennel bread at PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet
    • winning this year's distance category for flying lobster pieces while eating at Moby Dicks, also in Welfleet (see lobster in photo above)
    • seeing the ospreys still in their nest in Wellfleet Harbor
    • enjoying the mix of maple bacon and peanut butter swirl ice cream
    • seeing a chipmunk at the ice cream place and watching it jump from table to tree to ground and back again
    • stopping at the Head of the Meadow beach to see how big the tidal pool has gotten (answer: HUGE)
    • a whole lotta fun instagramming

    And this:
    "One universal teaching from wayfinders is that we suffer more from our thoughts about events than from the events themselves."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Twelve

    (originally published on August 2, 2013)


    Day Twelve:

    • the longest morning beach walk with Tipper yet
    • finding the prettiest piece of aqua sea glass glittering in the sun
    • rescuing sea life from the nasty Mylar balloon on the beach, the same one I saw floating offshore earlier in the week. 
    • giving myself permission to do nothing all afternoon but read on the deck
    • mom making a favorite meal from childhood, cornmeal mush
    • awaking from a nap to find drool down the side of my face (now that's a good nap!)
    • finishing another wonderful book and starting a fifth (which is actually a re-read and prep for my Martha Beck weekend at Kripalu)
    • fish and chips with malt vinegar at The Mayflower
    • a fun evening of drag at the Whale Extravaganza benefit for the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, complete with several standing ovations, a few RuPaul's Drag Race contestants (including Jinkx Monsoon), and Brini Maxwell (who sang her signature song, "Entertaining at Home," and wore fabulous 60s outfits)

    And this:
    "Knowledge is no longer power, because knowledge is no longer scarce. What is scarce is human attention."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Eleven

    (originally published on August 1, 2013)


    Day Eleven:

    • getting SUCH a good night's sleep
    • finding a tiny cairn on the beach that someone had built recently
    • watching Tipper chase seagulls at Herring Cove
    • eating trutas from the Portuguese Bakery 
    • drinking freshly squeezed watermelon lemonade
    • taking another lengthy photo walk around town on the most gorgeous summer day
    • discovering a giant fake shark down the alleyway between two buildings 
    • finally taking the Provincetown Trolley tour and enjoying seeing the town from a different angle
    • the scent of scrub pines and salt air as we drove around the Province Lands
    • quiet time to read
    • getting my long overdue Jamaica photos posted (you can see them here.)
    • an evening with no plans
    • country ribs, mashed potatoes, and a leafy green salad with blue cheese crumbles
    • the puppy deciding to sleep in my room and snuggling up next to me

    And this:
    "Standing on the veranda I breathed the sweetness of the air. Cloves I could smell and cinnamon, roses and orange blossoms. And an intoxicating freshness as if all this had never been breathed before."
    --Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Ten

    (originally published on July 31, 2013)


    Day Ten:

    • iced tea and lots of it!
    • a warm sun, crisp air snoozy lazy day at the pool
    • a big grilled chicken ceasar salad and did I mention the iced tea?
    • (sadly) dropping off the Mr. for his boat back to Boston
    • a very snuggly puppy
    • pineapple in my grilled chicken wrap
    • a quick nap
    • an evening out in town seeing Leslie Jordan's show at The Crown and Anchor
    • laughing
    • an early turn-in for bed

    And this:
    "Underneath, I will write my name in fire red."
    --Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Nine

    (originally published on July 30, 2013)


    Day Nine:

    • taking a long beach walk with Tipper in the morning
    • finding a little sculpture on the beach
    • picking up a ton of plastic on the beach and recycling it
    • this conversation ... The Mr.: What do you want to do today? Me: I dunno. What do you want to do? The Mr.: Go on a whale watch? Me: OK ... and then we did
    • getting the awesome seats on the back upper deck on the whale watch boat
    • seeing fin whales really close to shore
    • Pimms Cups, pizza, and disco music at Pepe's
    • taking a catnap
    • getting a surprise email from VSCO informing me that one of my photos was selected for their curated grid
    • donning our annual family bar hop Tshirts
    • watching the homemade boat race from the beach
    • seeing Leslie Jordan in a towel by the pool at the Crown and Anchor
    • saddling up to the bar at the A House and having fun conversations with the regulars 
    • crispy chicken bits at Saki
    • seeing an "ATTITUDE!!" charge on our bill at John Dough's
    • finishing our 6th annual family bar hop at Drag Karaoke at the Governor Bradford
  • A Vacation Diary: Day Eight

    (originally published on July 29, 2013)


    Day Eight:

    • being the first one up on a rainy Sunday morning and enjoying the silence
    • working on my Jamaica photo album (almost done!)
    • enjoying my peanut butter with strawberry jam sandwich with strawberry slices and peanut brittle on grilled ciabatta from Canteen
    • even better, enjoying it with the Mr. sitting on the deck of the Aqua Bar
    • discovering the best name for a boat ever: The Crouton
    • taking a welcome respite in the Harbor Lounge and drinking a refreshing Moscow Mule
    • seeing the teeniest, tiniest bunny eating a crabapple on the walk home
    • finishing one of the best books I've read in a long time, The Age of Miracles
    • starting a new book and discovering it is set in Jamaica
    • getting lots and lots of snuggles and kisses from Tipper
    • grilled corn and burgers

    And this:
    "I knew the time of day when though it is hot and blue and there are no clouds, the sky can have a very black look."
    --Jean Rhys, Wide Sargasso Sea

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Seven

    (originally published on July 28, 2013)


    Day Seven:

    • sleeping well now that the Mr. is here
    • taking photos of the neighbor's dahlias in the morning sunlight
    • working on my Jamaica photos to share
    • a warm sun, low humidity perfect summer day
    • lime daiquiris
    • ignoring the cold water and jumping right into the pool
    • enjoying a post-pool nap
    • walking into town and running into someone from my real life that I like
    • grilled cheese and lobster rolls
    • watching the skies turn pink from the end of the pier

    And this:
    "But no force on earth could slow the forward march of sixth grade. And so, in spite of everything, that year was also the year of the dance party."
    -- Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles

  • A Vacation Diary: Day Six

    (originally published on July 27, 2013)


    Day Six:

    • being grateful I packed a few light sweaters for this chilly weather
    • seeing the dahlias pop with all this rain
    • accidentally baking, not toasting, my bagel and discovering I liked how chewy it got
    • listening to the sound of rain on wooden shingles
    • buying my first 2014 calendar (on sale!)
    • mom making my favorite coffee cake and getting to lick the bowl
    • ... and then eating a piece or three
    • finally finishing a photo project I'd been meaning to do for eight months! (See my Bahamas photos here.)
    • appreciating that, despite the rain, our neighbor had some club music playing rather loudly in the late afternoon -- it was Friday night in Ptown, afterall
    • posting my first TripAdvisor review, something I've wanted to do for awhile
    • picking up the Mr. at the dock, because everything is better when he's around
    • reading in the car until he arrived
    • enjoying Friday night pizza at George's with the family

    And this:
    "It's never the disasters you see coming that finally come to pass--it's the ones you don't expect at all."
    --Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles

    • A Vacation Diary: Day Five

      (originally published on July 26, 2013)


      Day Five:

      • waking up to much, much cooler temperatures and actually looking forward to an indoor day
      • wearing an only-at-the-beach outfit: pale grey light sweater and white yoga pants with flip flops
      • taking the super long lead to the beach for Tipper to run as much as she wanted
      • picking up all the plastic trash from the beach and depositing it in the recycling bin
      • finding a tiny skeleton of a snake? an eel? at the beach
      • comfort food on a chilly (!) day
      • a snuggly puppy looking for warmth
      • a long nap nestled in the magical "sleeping chair"
      • ... followed by a bowl of ice cream
      • reading, reading, reading
      • watching our neighbor tend his dahlias dressed in a sweatshirt and Hawaiian lei
      • realizing at the end of the day that you did little more than stare into space and wishing there were more days like that

      And this:
      "Even beauty, in abundance, turns creepy."
      --Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles

    • A Vacation Diary: Day Four

      (originally published on July 25, 2013)


      Day Four:

      • an early morning walk at Herring Cove with Tipper and having the beach to ourselves
      • watching Tipper run
      • joyful glee in discovering I was the first one at the pool ("It's mine, mine, MINE!")
      • a butterfly landing on my towel
      • those peach daiquiris again
      • a tasty grilled chicken caesar salad
      • Bob Marley on shuffle
      • sitting in an Adirondack chair looking out at the curve of Cape Cod Bay
      • hearing a man in his Jeep, top down, singing Al Green's "Let's Stay Together" at the top of his lungs 
      • not watching TV since Monday (nope, not even to see that baby)
      • finishing another book
      • starting a third that is gripping from the first word
      • peri peri wings and bunny chow at the South African restaurant in town (no actual bunnies in the bunny chow)
      • ice cream before bed

      And this:

      "You can order more than one dessert."
      --Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck

    • A Vacation Diary: Day Three

      (originally published on July 24, 2013)


      Day Three:

      • waking up to a chorus of birds and church bells in the distance
      • getting caught in an early morning rainstorm with Miss Tipper Marie, aka Miss Fuzzy Britches, in tow
      • a rainy morning to catch up on fun creative projects (working on my Jamaica One Love Bus tour video, viewing VSCO cam tutorials, and figuring out my new camera!)
      • the sky clearing and bright Cape-Cod-in-July sun appearing
      • taking the new camera out for a spin, training wheels intact for now
      • walking 10 feet from the house and getting my first "nice camera!" and feeling pretty goshdarn fly
      • red raspberries and blue blueberries
      • rolled up luncheon meat (so fancy!)
      • bourbon caramel pistachio brittle ice cream at Scoop
      • unexpected doggie kisses
      • a hearty home-cooked meal: pork chops, corn, green beans, and a salt-crusted baked potato
      • the sun returning just in time to produce a glorious golden hour and sunset
      • reading before bed

      And this:

      "Sometimes I think that not having to worry about your hair anymore is the secret upside of death."
      --Nora Ephron, I Feel Bad About My Neck

    • A Vacation Diary: Day Two

      (originally published on July 23, 2013)


      Day Two:

      • waking up in the morning well rested after eight hours of solid sleep
      • a buttery, crusty asiago cheese bagel and a cup of joe
      • the sound of a woodpecker in the distance
      • listening to the just-released-that-day Anjunadeep 05
      • being the only one in the pool in the morning
      • a forecasted cloudy day turning out to be super sunny
      • the pool waitress at the Cabana Bar remembering my name
      • peach daiquiri(s)
      • lobster sliders by the pool
      • a giant dragonfly
      • a walk on the beach
      • a giant glass of iced tea filled with a gazillion ice cubes
      • finishing my book and immediately picking up the next

      And this:

      "Summer people loved the Cape and never for a minute mistook it for real."
      --Annie Dillard, The Maytrees

      Plus this:

      "Everyone envied her the time she had, not noticing that they had equal time."
      --Annie Dillard, The Maytrees

    • A Vacation Diary: Day One

      (originally published on July 22, 2013)


      Day One:

      • buckwheat pancakes with blueberries
      • champagne with pureed strawberries
      • discovering the most awesomest logo ever (see above)
      • a lazy nap
      • reading on the porch with a fuzzy puppy at my feet
      • silence -- except for the birds chirping, a distant drone of a Cape Air plane, and the low punctuated horns of a whale watch boat backing out of its slip
      • warm sun + a slight breeze
      • a glass of Riesling
      • two glasses of Riesling
      • cheddar melted on my burger
      • a pile of green beans
      • a second nap
      • salted caramel in my ice cream
      • a chocolate covered potato chip
      • crawling into bed before the sun sets

      And this:

      "All her life she found dignity overrated. She rolled down dunes."
      --Annie Dillard, The Maytrees

      I'm technically still on my summer bloggy break but I wanted to really capture the awesome things about vacation -- especially the little things, the things that don't make it into the Big Story of the Day. I also share a lot of photos from these moments over on Instagram and on Twitter