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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Two

    (originally published on July 23, 2013)


    Day Two:

    • waking up in the morning well rested after eight hours of solid sleep
    • a buttery, crusty asiago cheese bagel and a cup of joe
    • the sound of a woodpecker in the distance
    • listening to the just-released-that-day Anjunadeep 05
    • being the only one in the pool in the morning
    • a forecasted cloudy day turning out to be super sunny
    • the pool waitress at the Cabana Bar remembering my name
    • peach daiquiri(s)
    • lobster sliders by the pool
    • a giant dragonfly
    • a walk on the beach
    • a giant glass of iced tea filled with a gazillion ice cubes
    • finishing my book and immediately picking up the next

    And this:

    "Summer people loved the Cape and never for a minute mistook it for real."
    --Annie Dillard, The Maytrees

    Plus this:

    "Everyone envied her the time she had, not noticing that they had equal time."
    --Annie Dillard, The Maytrees