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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Six

    (originally published on July 27, 2013)


    Day Six:

    • being grateful I packed a few light sweaters for this chilly weather
    • seeing the dahlias pop with all this rain
    • accidentally baking, not toasting, my bagel and discovering I liked how chewy it got
    • listening to the sound of rain on wooden shingles
    • buying my first 2014 calendar (on sale!)
    • mom making my favorite coffee cake and getting to lick the bowl
    • ... and then eating a piece or three
    • finally finishing a photo project I'd been meaning to do for eight months! (See my Bahamas photos here.)
    • appreciating that, despite the rain, our neighbor had some club music playing rather loudly in the late afternoon -- it was Friday night in Ptown, afterall
    • posting my first TripAdvisor review, something I've wanted to do for awhile
    • picking up the Mr. at the dock, because everything is better when he's around
    • reading in the car until he arrived
    • enjoying Friday night pizza at George's with the family

    And this:
    "It's never the disasters you see coming that finally come to pass--it's the ones you don't expect at all."
    --Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles