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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Seven

    (originally published on July 28, 2013)


    Day Seven:

    • sleeping well now that the Mr. is here
    • taking photos of the neighbor's dahlias in the morning sunlight
    • working on my Jamaica photos to share
    • a warm sun, low humidity perfect summer day
    • lime daiquiris
    • ignoring the cold water and jumping right into the pool
    • enjoying a post-pool nap
    • walking into town and running into someone from my real life that I like
    • grilled cheese and lobster rolls
    • watching the skies turn pink from the end of the pier

    And this:
    "But no force on earth could slow the forward march of sixth grade. And so, in spite of everything, that year was also the year of the dance party."
    -- Karen Thompson Walker, The Age of Miracles