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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Twelve

    (originally published on August 2, 2013)


    Day Twelve:

    • the longest morning beach walk with Tipper yet
    • finding the prettiest piece of aqua sea glass glittering in the sun
    • rescuing sea life from the nasty Mylar balloon on the beach, the same one I saw floating offshore earlier in the week. 
    • giving myself permission to do nothing all afternoon but read on the deck
    • mom making a favorite meal from childhood, cornmeal mush
    • awaking from a nap to find drool down the side of my face (now that's a good nap!)
    • finishing another wonderful book and starting a fifth (which is actually a re-read and prep for my Martha Beck weekend at Kripalu)
    • fish and chips with malt vinegar at The Mayflower
    • a fun evening of drag at the Whale Extravaganza benefit for the Provincetown Center for Coastal Studies, complete with several standing ovations, a few RuPaul's Drag Race contestants (including Jinkx Monsoon), and Brini Maxwell (who sang her signature song, "Entertaining at Home," and wore fabulous 60s outfits)

    And this:
    "Knowledge is no longer power, because knowledge is no longer scarce. What is scarce is human attention."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World