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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Fourteen

    (originally published on August 4, 2013)


    Day Fourteen:

    • eating that crusty fig and fennel bread for breakfast
    • realizing I love a grey windy morning at the beach, surf tossing up waves
    • watching Tipper run and dig at the beach, like a real dog
    • finding little stone cities someone had built in the sand the day before
    • writing another TripAdvisor review -- one review away from my first badge!
    • taking a four hour drive through the backroads of Provincetown, Truro, and Wellfleet with my mother
    • seeing a new view of Corn Hill Beach in Truro
    • eating fish tacos spritzed with fresh lime juice from the Sunbird food truck in Wellfleet
    • seeing the opreys again at Wellfleet Harbor
    • walking across Uncle Tim's Bridge in Wellfleet and getting some good photos
    • stopping for ice cream (again!) and having peanut butter swirl and coconut almond joy
    • stopping to take a few photos of Days' Cottages
    • being greeted by Tipper as if we were gone for a year
    • another wonderful home-cooked meal with black olive bread from the French bakery
    • the smell of zucchini bread my mom was baking in the oven right before I went to bed

    And this:
    "An ancient Sioux story says that the Creator had enough survival gifts for every animal except humans. So we got only one thing: the capacity to learn."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World