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  • A Vacation Diary: Day Fifteen

    (originally published on August 5, 2013)


    Day Fifteen:

    • waking up on my last day of vacation and being kinda ok with it despite having my first work stress dream in two weeks (new goal: never have work stress dreams again.)
    • eating a piece of fresh-baked zucchini bread before heading out for a morning beach walk with Tipper
    • a gorgeous clear-bright-sun-cool-air day
    • sitting on the deck in the morning sunshine sipping my coffee after our walk
    • enjoying toasted fig and fennel bread and black olive bread with delicious tomato jam 
    • fresh juicy peaches
    • having a raucous good time at Drag Brunch, even when Shady Pines put the microphone in front of me and started asking me questions
    • getting up to leave and noticing someone I know from my real life at the table behind me ... and then being amused after realizing he's too drunk to recognize me 
    • spending the afternoon quietly reading on the deck
    • somehow fitting everything in my bags to take back to Boston
    • getting my favorite seat on the boat home and watching the water the entire way
    • seeing some cool lightning strikes on the ocean
    • the rain shower stopping just as I stepped off the boat
    • getting a cab right away
    • a warm greeting by the Mr. and an evening of CPK pizza and salad and Shark Week shows (totally obsessed with megalodon now!)
    • falling asleep immediately in the comfort of our own bed

    And this:
    "Neurologists tell us that there are more potential neuron connectors in your brain than there are atoms in the universe."
    --Martha Beck, Finding Your Way in a Wild New World